Nt1230 Unit 4 Problems

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UNIT 4 PROBLEM SET 1 2 Matching: 1. Credential Prompt: B. Displayed when a regular user requires administrative access. 2. Roaming User Profile: E. Enables users to access their desktops from any workstation. 3. Admin Approval Mode: A. Switches an account from the standard user token to the administrative token. 4. Special Identity: I. Placeholder for a collection of users with a similar characteristic. 5. Authentication: C. Confirmation of a user’s identity. 6. Elevation Prompt: H. Displayed when an administrator requires administrative access. 7. Mandatory User Profile: J. A profile that multiple users can run simultaneously. 8. Secure Desktop: D. Suppresses the operation of all controls except the UAC prompt 9. Authorization: F. Grants a user a specific degree of access to a resource. 10. Domain Controller: G. Hosts an AD DS domain. Multiple Choice: 1. What is the term used to describe a read-only copy of a user profile stored on a network share? a. Mandatory Profile UNIT 4 PROBLEM SET 1 3 2. When you create a new user account with the User Accounts control panel, you can only add it to which of the following groups? (Choose all that apply.) a. Administrators b. Users 3. When you log on to a newly installed Windows 7 computer for the first time, why can you not use the Administrator account? d. The Administrator account is disabled. 4. Which of the following statements is true? c. The User Accounts control panel can create local users only. 5. Which of the following actions can you NOT perform from the Control Panel? d. Disable elevation prompts for application tasks only 6. Which of the following can be members of local groups? (Choose all that apply.) a. Local users b. Domain users d. Domain groups 7. Which of the following built-in Windows 7 accounts are

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