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NT1230 Unit 2. Assignment 1. Disk Redundancy Research Using the Internet and the ITT Tech Virtual Library, research the following questions, and provide your thoughts on each one. Submit your answers in a Word Document and ensure that you cite any resources you utilized with the proper APA format. 1. What does RAID stand for? Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks 2. When would we use RAID? RAID is used in large file servers, in transaction of application servers, fault tolerance is required, and when data accessibility is critical 3. Define the following types of RAID: a. RAID 0 –Striped set- Splits data evenly across two or more disks. b. RAID 1 –Mirrored set- Creates an exact copy of data on two or more disks c. RAID 5 –Striped set- Parity uses blocked level striping with parity data distributed across all disks in the RAID array. d. RAID 6 –Blocked striped-uses dual parity, crates 2 parity blocks for each data block, handles two disk failures. 4. Why is RAID 0 of any use if it offers no redundancy? RAID 0 gives more storage capacity in that data is spread across multiple. 5. Why do you think that RAID 1 can be the most expensive? Why would people utilize it if it’s so costly? Its disk overhead requires all of its drives to be running. Its 100% redundancy means that no data will be lost. 6. If you, as a home computer user, were to purchase a form of RAID, which would you choose and why? It depends on why I need the RAID. If had a type of high traffic situation I would use, RAID 0 with a high speed situation, and I would use RAID 1 if I needed high availability. 7. What is the difference between software RAID and hardware RAID? Hardware RAID requires specialized hardware to handle the drives and is more reliable compared to software RAID. Software RAID is considerably cheaper than hardware RAID and takes up a portion of the

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