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Exercise 7.2.1 A dedicated leased line is one of the more expensive solutions to WAN connections, but it provides an always-on connection between two locations. This is incorporated into the local networks at both ends by adding a specialized router to each LAN. What are the benefits of using a dedicated leased line? What are the limitations of using a dedicated leased line? * The benefits are price it’s cheaper than owning a whole WAN. And the limitations are speed depending on your provider and how much you’re willing to pay is the speed you will get. Exercise 7.2.2 What are the benefits of using a partial-mesh topology? When would a full-mesh topology be required? What is the difficulty in creating a full-mesh topology for sites in different geographical locations? * That if one of the lines goes out you will still be able to send information to where it needs to go. Exercise 7.2.3 What are the benefits of this type of topology over a partial-mesh or full-mesh connection over long distances? When would this topology be less desirable than a mesh solution? * Its benefits are price it’s less expensive to build and run. But if one of the lines goes down then your whole network goes down. Exercise 7.2.4 Circuit classification | Total Bandwidth (Mbps) | Features and summary | T1 | 1.544 | Uses 24 channels to communicate. | E1 | 2.048 | Uses 32 channels to communicate. | T3 | 44.7 | Uses 672 channels to communicate. | E3 | 34.4 | Fewer sub channels than T3 | Lab 7.2 review The common Layer 2 protocol used on dedicated leased lines is the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). Use your textbook and Internet research to define PPP. Explain what a control protocol (CP) is and how it is used. * PPP- from one point to another, rather than broadcast. A control protocol is a protocol that runs atop the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and that is used

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