Np Competencies Essay

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Module 2 Discussion Question #2

Even experts perform as novices when they enter new roles or sub roles. Identify provisions within the NP and NE core competencies that foster role transition.
NP core competencies:
1. Provides leadership in the translation of new knowledge into practice.
This competency would assist the new NP in continued improvement in their practice. If the new NP is open about their new role and acknowledges that time will be necessary to move to the expert phase then that is an example of taking leadership and initiative in this crucial area.
Susan O. Valentine states in her work titled Nursing Leadership and the New Nurse: “Leadership does not rest merely with administrators and high-level managers, but also can be developed and implemented at the bedside. Nursing has a responsibility to encourage and support new members of the profession, as they become competent clinicians.” This applies to all types of nurses when they assume new roles in the profession. We all have to start somewhere and it helps our confidence and practice if we are nurtured in our translation of new knowledge into practice.
2. Generates knowledge from clinical practice to improve practice and patient outcomes.
As a new NP practices they will be continually learning and improving their practice. If they are learning, as time and experience build the NP will have improved patient outcomes. This has been experienced first-hand in the UK where Greta Westwood and her colleagues have developed six core values to improve patient outcomes. The six values are care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. Their paper states that, “advocates of the healthcare workforce should be responsive to knowledge about best practice, research and innovation that promotes adoption and dissemination of improved service delivery, to reduce variability and
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