Importance of Teams

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Importance of Teams After recognizing that our health care organization could make some more improvements, we made a decision to incorporate more teamwork that will improve our customer service. As the manager, I am writing this proposal to describe the ways that teams are important in the health care industry, the importance of teams in different industries such as aviation, military and what the health care field can learn from the lessons learned by these industries. This proposal also states that the SWOT analysis and planning procedure have been proven effective to solve problems and these are the methods our organization will use. The health care industry is demanding and consistently changing. Team members should set both large and small goals for their company to meet and achieve these goals to ensure that our organization can stay one step ahead of the competition. It has been said that ever since 1998, when the Institute of Medicine released a report entitled To Err Is Human, which revealed that 98,000 people a year die from human error. According to an article by Frank Salas, “A big chunk of those errors are because of communication and teamwork problems and it isn’t just about saving lives, if teams don’t perform well your organization isn’t competitive, you lose money, and eventually, disappear”.(Salas, 2012). The topic of teamwork is important to the aviation, auto racing, the military, and many other industries where high reliability of human performance is needed. In regards to the aviation industry, pilots and other staff members are only able to discuss certain topics on their checklist during takeoff or landing. When the aircraft is 10,000 feet below, they cannot have a conversation about anything unrelated. This is used to prevent the number of errors that occur because of distractions. Auto racing uses team work throughout the race to
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