Why Is It Important to Continually Improve Knowledge and Practice Essay

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1.1 I feel it is important for me to continually improve my knowledge to ensure that I am aware of, and follow all the current health and social care and CQC standards, legislation, changes in law, and guidelines for good practice as well as ensuring I follow my company’s policies and procedures. I also feel it is vital that I pass any new knowledge I gain on to my team because this provides them with up to date information in order for them to carry out their roles as support workers effectively. I will do this during team meetings, supervisions and mandatory training, this also allows staff to reflect back on information that has been given to them. For me learning is a way of gaining new skills and it enables me to progress, and achieve within my career and working practices as a team leader. Personal & professional development not only benefits me, but it also benefits the company, as well as the staff & service users I support. I like to focus on training that is relevant to the role I am carrying out and also ensures that I am able to be effective in my role. Continuing professional development is important for my career and I feel it increases my employability, helps me progress with better prospects and to hopefully gain promotion. As a Team Leader I am responsible for others this includes staff, service users, visitors that come on site including contractors and other professionals, so it is very important to me that I am knowledgeable and effective in my

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