Notes on Pleasantville Movie (Film Techniques) Essay

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Pleasantville MOVIE: Film technique notes MUSIC: • foreshadowing that Tv will be important • Music is gleeful, enjoyable • Brave music 1. Flicking through the channel > Introducing the channel, episodes to show that it’s important, idea of family value, emphaizaing everything we , all things that happen when they move into Pleasantville, kinda gentler time, once upon a time – UTOPIA IDEA > contrasting the society of today 2. A back and forth dialogue scene > not even a dialogue > not even > long shot showing his isolation > big shot of space of awareness. 3. Slowly zooms in the teacher > seems like it’s really important > everything that is happening is decresing and is happening to us > fading into another scene > acts of a contrast on the Pleasantvilles 4. Longshot > space of awareness 5. Watching the warm welcome in Pleasantville > David watching his mother argue with his father on the phone + watching TV and eating unnutrition food 6. Showing the reaction to David with the TV > showing that he really enjoys how they live in Pleasantville > “what’s her mother to do” > David’s mum VS Bud’s mum 7. David is talking about the show so much > shows that he belongs there 8. Transition to Jennifer > showing her disgust to her brother (smoking ) > showing her clothes a need to fit in > two extra friends shown in the next frame > the reactions of the friends shown 9. Contrasting Jennifer at the start of the film to the end > 10. Showing him through the window > unhappy with his life 11. 90’s music 12. A close up on the remote > showing importance 13. Close ups emotions > showing the back and forth > not including in the same frame > they’re not close to each other 14. Slightly mystical music > showing he is not who he is 15. Being in the same frame > showing they’re sharing a common interest (DAVID AND MAN) 16. The lighting > contrast to

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