Response To Comparing "Champion Of The World" & "Fish Cheeks"

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A. Angelou's time and place in the story is the 1930s in the south and the situation deals with a boxing match with Joe Louis when racism was the norm. Tan's time and place in the story is in the 1960s in California and the situation deals with her crush and the crush's family being invited over for christmas dinner and she being embarrassed of her chinese culture. they are of different cultures and they are not in the same situation but their similarities are that they do feel different and not normal. B. Details by the author show how the time period is and their fears or happiness such as with Angelou who describes everyones nervousness during the match and then their jubilation after the match by drinking coca cola like ambrosia and chocolate bars like christmas dinner. Tan shows embarrassment with details of every little thing that she felt embarrassed by such as her relatives and her father's belches. Both authors relate by describing their surroundings and feelings. C. We see the situation of the characters more to Tan than Angelou. Angelou describes more the people and how they react to the match with only reading a bit of her thoughts and feelings when Louis is losing. Tan's story is more descriptive as we can see what Tan is feeling and how she reacts to everything that happens to her that night. D. The tone and feeling of Angelou's story is of excitement, fear, and description of habits of her community when they watch the game. How they react whether they are nervous, scared, happy, or anxious. By Angelou writing mostly about the reactions of people, only a tiny bit we see her feelings on the match and what it could do to the community. The tone and feeling of Tan's story is of embarrassment and humiliation mostly. By describing her embarrassments made by her relatives and family we see her story of embarrassment and her feeling of being

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