As Media Studies - Coming Down the Mountain

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Media Mock Media Mock This extract is from the BBC drama, ‘Coming down the mountain’. The clip starts with a high angle, crane shot of a bedroom. The audience can see that Ben’s side of the room is decorated with brightly coloured bed sheets and posters, whereas David’s side is predominantly grey and black. Here, the colours that have been used act as a metaphorical illusion of the moods that the brothers are feeling. There is non-digetic narration by the character of David whom states: ‘Last summer, I planned to kill my brother’. The director then pans the camera around David through a mid-shot (MS), before cutting to a medium close-up of Ben, who is asleep. This clip uses narrative continuity editing that is typical of British TV Dramas. The CU of Ben fades into a short montage of clips that have been edited in, showing the life of a dinosaur, gorillas and a caveman. All of the clips in this sequence are in black and white and the quality is of an old film-reel projector. The director then cuts the camera to an establishing shot of a block of flats, with a popular song playing, which is non-digetic. There is then a sound-bridge and the next shot is of the family’s kitchen, where the song changes to a digetic sound and it sounds as if it is coming from the radio. The scene from inside the kitchen follows David as he complains about Ben finishing the cereal. David tries to steal some of his brother’s breakfast, but both parents tell him off. The audience hears the mother telling David to ‘grow up’ through the use of digetic sound. The mother then gets ready to leave the house and the audience see a CU of her kissing Ben’s head before walking out of the frame. The director then shows a CU of David’s face which seems to display his jealousy, suggesting that Ben is treated better and taken better care of due to his disability. This is re-emphasised when their
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