Norview: Community Analysis

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Intro The community that I currently reside in is called Norview, which is located in the city of Norfolk located within the Commonwealth of Virginia which is part of the United States of America. As of 20012’s Cooper’s Center population estimates, Norfolk, Virginia’s current population size is about 245,803 with a population density of 1,684.4/km2 (4,363/sq mi) ("Weldon Cooper Center 2012 Population estimates" Retrieved January 26, 2011), while Norview holds about 3,247 of that population (, Norfolk Virginia neighborhood map). Norfolk, Virginia is considered the second largest city within the Hampton Roads area (…show more content…
In February of 2008 it was reported that there was about 67 street gangs active in the city of Norfolk alone. In an article dated February 2008, it was stated that the “Bounty Hunter Bloods” (one of the 67 gangs in the Norfolk area) raise money through drug trafficking, robbery and burglary, and engage in violent acts, including kidnapping and attempted murder. The gang operates mostly out of the Ocean View, Little Creek and Norview sections of the city, and uses threats and violence to promote a climate of fear (Roy, Matthew. Feb…show more content…
The housing policy has created the Virginia Foreclosure Task Force which provides timely response to emerging issues related to foreclosure and housing market recovery; an initial action plan which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of state resources in order to prevent homelessness and address the needs of homeless Virginians; and added 14 policy recommendations that address the need to streamline regulations, better link housing with jobs and transportation, promote sustainable communities, and ensure the provision of a range of housing options that address the needs of all Virginians ( The Virginian Housing Policy, Nov.

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