Security Threat Groups In Prison

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Security Threat Groups and Gangs in Prison Janet Smith Kaplan University CJ130 Aline Major Security Threat Groups and Gangs in Prison In the United States of America everyone has the right to do as they please. This freedom of doing what you please have some restrictions. The restrictions are to obey and follow the rules and regulations of the law. People who choose not to follow these laws become a threat to the communities and the country safety and well being. People who feel the need for protection, to fit in, be a part of something or have a void in their social lives tend to join organizations or groups. These groups and organizations can be positive or negative. Some groups and organizations can form together and…show more content…
(Mantaldo, 2014) The Aryan nation came about in the year of 1967. The founders were white supremacists, Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham, who continued in their mission for the protection of their own kind against the Blacks and Hispanic inmate gangs. (Prison Offenders, n.d.) The gang’s philosophy was simple “Blood in, Blood out” (Mantaldo, 2014), and “I will stand by my brother, my, brother will come before all others, my life is forfeit should I fail my brothers. I will honor my in peace as in war.”(FBI.,n.d) They wanted the power and respect from all the other gangs in the penitentiary and would even take lives in order to get it. By the 80’s They gained control, and the protection that they were seeking and moved on to the opportunity of taking over the money making criminal schemes while still being incarcerated. The gang engaged in selling narcotics, contraband, and disobeying the prison inmate policy rules which included the murder of other inmates and staff. (Mantaldo, 2014) As time moved on, the gang started to spread into other prison facilities along with their illegal criminal activities. AB gang members started turning on each other and they ended up becoming the weakest gang in San Quentin, California. The fact that prison officials began cutting down on gang violence moving the remaining members of SuperMax facilities Control Units where they can have better control put wedges in their criminal…show more content…
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