Nortel (Northern Telecom) Case Analysis

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Nortel (Northern Telecom) Case Analysis Introduction Northern Telecom (Nortel) works with customers world-wide to provide them with data, internet, voice, and video solutions that are fast and reliable. They provide such things as directory assistance and operator services, intelligent networks, IP telephony, network management, professional services, switching, and much more. Nortel become secured a place in the U.S. communications industry in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Their primary role was that of a private branch exchange supplier (switches) and terminals (telephone sets). In the 1970’s, Nortel developed the digital switch which allowed for faster and cleaner transmission, lower costs per line, and required less space for a piece of switching equipment. This development increased Nortel’s competitive position allowing them to compete against AT&T, being the industry’s leader in the U.S.. Nortel’s ability in developing new technology during a crucial time in the telecommunications industry was the main contributor in their success. Han Miller, vice president of marketing for the Central Office Switching Division of Nortel, had realized that the telecommunications market was rapidly changing and that he needed to position his division to be able to respond to these changes. His main sources for this planning came from a study conducted by Communications Week that identified purchase trends and preferences in the selection of central office telephone switching equipment and manufacturers. Another source was the company’s 1987 performance and how it could be modified and used to adapt to a changing market. This report will analyze the following factors to devise a strategy to position Han Miller’s division. First, an analysis of the company’s performance within the Switching division. Second, changes in the industry will be

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