No They Can T: Why Government's Fail

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The amount of power government has and the role it plays for a nation has been a long debate, in not just America’s past, but in nearly every organized country. Since our Founding Fathers, there have been those that have tried to reduce and keep at bay government intervention and spending, but with little success. In an interview on Uncommon Knowledge, Mr. Peter Robinson spoke with journalist John Stossel discussing his book No They Can’t: Why Government’s Fail….But Individuals Succeed. They converse a variety of economic issues covering these main points (1) the responsibilities of government, (2) the responsibilities of individuals, (3) the responsibilities of businesses and the market, and last (4) the responsibilities of you, me, and all Americans. The opening quote from Stossel’s book for the segment states that man’s natural instinct is to blame the government and ask for it to do something, often making the problem worse. He attributes putting this responsibility on the government to our upbringing. We are raised to follow orders from our parents, our ancestral clan leaders, our teachers, and now, from Washington. When we hit a bump in the road, we are programmed to run to the government and ask them to act, but Stossel…show more content…
Stossel on his points for where responsibility in America should and shouldn’t lie. Government needs less responsibility while individuals need more. Businesses and the market need more attention and cash flow while government spending needs less. And in the end, it all falls into our laps as Americans and is our duty. We need to revert back to the roots the Founding Fathers planted and minimize the role of the government and maximize the role and responsibility on the individual. We need to be accountable for the state of our economy ourselves and stop running to Washington to stick a band aid over problems while they just get worst. We have the greatest power as individuals to make the biggest

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