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Introduction This case answer contains an analysis of the marketing mix in the product launch of Nivea Visage Young. The marketing mix is the combination of elements used by an organization to market their product and to meet the customers’ needs. We can also refer to the marketing mix as the four P’s: Product, Place, Price and Promotion, which in the right balance to each other work together to attain the aims and objectives of the organization. In order analysis this case properly, we have looked at how Nivea balance the four P’s trying to determine the strengths and weaknesses of this combination and consider potential threats. Finally, we have tried to come up with ways or possible solutions to strengthen the Nivea Visage Young brand, better satisfy the consumers and deal with competitors. Firstly we will start by understanding the origin of the Nivea Visage Brand, then analyzing the 4’Ps in the marketing mix and finally present some solutions for possible problems in the case and conclude it. Introducing the origin of the Nivea Visage Young brand Beiersdorf is a German company founded in 1882 with headquarters situated in Hamburg. It is manufacturing and selling international consumer goods worldwide and specializes in the evolution of personal health and beauty care. Nivea is the core brand of Beiersdorf and in 2008 the Nivea products contributed to approximately 86% of Beiersdorf Group’s total sales. It is one of the leading skin beauty care brands on the international market.The brand was launched in 1911 and was given the name NIVEA, that evolved from the Latin word “niveum or niveus” meaning snow, his imagination in association to the cream’s pure-white appearance. Nivea Visage Young is the most recent edition to the series of Facial care by Nivea. It includes several separate products making up a specialized skincare regime for young girls

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