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1 How Vidal Sassoon could increase its brand awareness on the Danish market? Theory of Science and Methodology Abstract This paper is exploring the brand awareness for Vidal Sassoon in Denmark. The investigation conducted on this subject will touch the following points: brand awareness, characteristics of buying process in Danish market, the role of brand heritage for Danish consumer and the retail position and influences for the customer. 2 The writers will use in the following paper a deductive approach, using different theories explained further in the Methodology Chapter. Using the data collected through interviews and observation studies, we will define the findings and conclusion for the problem formulation. This paper contributes to a better understanding of brand awareness and gives a theoretical framework consisting of definition and qualitative investigation of the Danish consumer. The investigation conducted analysis also the buying process of Danish consumer and the retail environment. The research is using both qualitative and qualitative data collection and it focuses mainly in analysing the brand awareness and how this could be increased in the Danish market. Further investigation is necessary for defining the complete steps for creating and revitalize the brand Vidal Sassoon. This research is useful, as a prior step in creating a different marketing strategy that will help the brand Vidal Sassoon to become a strong competitor in the hair care products, among its competitors such as Remington, BaByliss or OBH Nordica. Introduction Vidal Sassoon is an iconic figure of British hairdressing. He is credited with transforming the profession of hair styling to a fashion leader, elevating the status of the professional hairdresser from a service provider to respected artist. Sassoon made his initial mark in London during the

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