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Assignment 1 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 1) What are the pro, cons, and risks associated with Nike’s core marketing strategy? 2) 3) 4) Explain. Bottom of Form Nike is a popular sportswear, footwear and equipment producer based in the US. Nike's excellence marketing strategies help Nike to achieve its market goals. There are many pros as well as cons associated with Nike’s marketing strategy. One of the major strengths of Nike is its distribution strategy. Nike focuses on efficient product distribution in order to generate more sales and thus more profits. Another positive side of Nike’s marketing strategy is advertisement and promotion. Nike makes contracts with celebrity athletes such as Tiger Woods, and Ronaldo in order to advertise and promote its products. This has helped Nike to create a relatively high level of awareness about Nike. Similarly, another advantage for Nike is its price. Nike targets on the consumers who care more about the utility and quality of the products rather than the price. In this way, the price is not affect too much. Finally, another advantage of Nike’s core marketing strategy is market segmentation and target. Nike is the master of segmentation. Their segmenting market typically target's athletes, both women and men from the age 15 to 35. Nike's targeting market is active people who enjoy high quality sporting goods, especially footwear. Even though there are many positive points about Nike’s marketing strategy, there are few negative sides too. The main disadvantage of Nike’s strategy is that it is very costly. Since Nike has implemented several marketing strategies, it had incurred high costs in producing and promoting its products. The costs are increase among handling inventory, designing, advertising and production. Similarly, another risk for Nike is competition. Companies

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