Rampent Consumerism Essay

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Rampant Consumerism Consumerism is considered to be a life style to the modern population. In todays society rampant consumerism is at an all time high due to evolution. Currently newly introduced products are becoming an essential to life. Consumerism is profited by commercialism using the social network to force product to people, Industries offering online shopping, and societal trends. Today's mass Commercialism plays a big role in assisting the profit of consumerism. Commercialism uses catchy slogans to attract attention from the customer into buying into their company. For example McDonalds uses the “I'm lovin it” jingle known world wide and so forth their establishments are as well. A company's slogan is a way of obtaining attention to profit your business. Another way commercialism can manipulate consumerists, is by the use of famous or good looking icons to sell their product. Brands ranging from Reebok using the popularity of Sidney Crosby to Tiger Woods advertising for Nike, is used to let the consumers know that their product is used by the best athletes in the world. Another example is the Old Spice commercials which singles out the method of ‘you can be like me’ and instead says “you may not look like me but you can smell like me” (Old spice) to add a comedic twist to the methods of basic commercialism. Famous icons are used to attract attention to their brand to sell a certain product. Therefore commercialism has become essential to consumerism through the use of icons that are known world wide or appealing to the consumer. In the light of todays Online shopping, industries have increased their profits immensely though the past five years and new companies are thriving while traditional companies are diminishing. Most purchases in the U.S have been made online. An astounding “60 percent of all retail sales in the U.S will involve online
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