Night and One Day Ont He Life of Ivan Denisovich

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comparative book review 8/24/15 Many people in life, have faced challenges, but very few have face was Eliezer and Ivan have. Eliezer grew up a teenage Jewish boy who was in the holocaust he is one of the few holocaust survivor still alive today. Ivan Denisovich was a part of the Russian gulags for ten years and had a story written about him to spread the word of what happened. According to the dictionary a Russian gulag is “A system of prison camps inside Russia used for political prisoners. Under Joseph Stalin, millions of prisoners in these camps died from starvation and abuse.” Ivan Denisovich, a survivor of these has gone through these camps for ten years. Many people could not endure this type of pain, bur Ivan did. Overall Ivan has gone through things people shouldn’t have to. Not many people know about the gulags, but they should because these people went through the same amount of pain as the holocaust. Ivan was beat senselessly and one could not even begin to imagine what they went through. It’s theatrically impossible that he survived these people where beat not fed or given water they worked outside with thin clothing when the temperature was -30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The people in these gulags didn’t even deserve to be in there, a lot of them where in there for a political “crime”. A crime was talking about the government, disagreeing with the government, or even saying you would have done it differently. Stalin knew they did these things because he had spies watching everywhere you said one small thing you were in the gulags. Most didn’t survive; Ivan did and spread the word of what happened in the book wrote about him “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”. The Holocaust was an awful thing that happened to many Jewish people went through during World War II. The Holocaust was also was where Adolf Hitler

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