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Holocaust Testimonies By: Carlos Chavez October 18th, 2008 In this powerful book there were many testimonies by numerous people and of course they were all different. Joseph Preil really found the core of the Jewish community and their feelings towards the happenings of the Holocaust. In the book survivors share some of the most horrific stories that not even the worst of horror movies can compare to. The way some of these people were treated and what they had to go through is just unbearable. I think it takes a lot of courage for the survivors to tell some of their stories because there is not doubt that it was a painful memory for them. Of course all the testimonies come to an end in some point, but it is important that the reader…show more content…
His story is a tragic one; he was born in Lodz, in 1926. Paul was the only survivor of his immediate family which consisted of three people, and the lone survivor of his extended family in Poland which consisted of 18-20 people. Only four relatives in Germany lived past the Holocaust. Paul’s dad was murdered in 1939, and he and the rest of his family were forced into the ghetto in 1940. After work one day Paul saw his grandfather dead at his chair, he had starved. All of Paul’s extended family lived in one room, for four years. They worked in a slave like factory; Paul recollects that his salvation from Auschwitz might have been his passive outlook on life. By 1942 only Paul, his mother, and an uncle were left from all his extended family. In the cars he recalled being shoved in with 80 other people when the train cars were to fit only 20 people. Paul was taken to the Ludwigslust concentration camp and the train ride there took 16 nights. Paul also recalled the horrid conditions there, many dead bodies and also prisoners cooking other dead prisoner’s flesh for dinner. Paul was liberated in 1945 by the Americans, he fled to England. He moved to the US in 1952 and joined his family in NY. Shortly after he joined the US Army and went to fight in Korea. This story is one of the more graphic ones, is tells of humans eating other humans, it is a great testimony because Paul suffered through so much and lost so many loved but he remained with a positive mind set. Paul is a survivor and he accounts his survival to his mindset and also his passive

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