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Nicholas Quiroga 1/29/14 Segregation and Discrimination Experiences There are not many experiences per say that Nicholas Quiroga has gone thru in his life that could be called discriminative or segregate experiences but as any foreigner in a country that is not his and where he is the minority it has happened. In this composition we will touch on that topic and how it has happened to other people Also we will touch on what historical factors or cultural influence from previous generations influenced segregation and discrimination of social groups in America. To begin we would like to talk about a few times in the life of Nicholas Quiorga where he has felt discriminated or segregated. It could be said that he does not get discriminated as much because of the area he lives in now which is called Weston. In that area most of the people are from countries from South America just like Nicholas so he kind of fits right in and he isn’t the minority. But there was a time in his life growing up when he did live in a predominantly goof neighborhood and there wasn’t as many people from his country. A lot of people would tell him that his parents were cocaine dealers just because we had a nice car and where from Colombia. That right there is considered discrimination to Nicholas and he did not…show more content…
That is all a stereotype that was given to Nicholas and his friends just because they spoke English with a little accent and where tan. Just because it was a historical factor for most immigrants from Central America to be gardeners working illegally for cheap they would segregate and discriminate anyone who kind of fit the description even if it was not

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