Discrimination Against Immigrants

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Discrimination Against Immigrants It is extremely difficult for immigrants to thrive in any foreign country, especially if their immigration status is an illegal one. The widespread perception that people commonly have about immigrants is that they are intruders who only arrived to any given country to take away that country’s native individual’s employment opportunities, to live on government benefits or to commit crimes. This is based on the fact that when people decide to leave their native countries, it is usually because they are looking for a better life than the one they had back in their place of origin and because of this they may accept jobs and work under conditions that others would not accept, and for example, they may work for lesser wages and without any kind of employee benefits. However, it is usually extremely difficult for immigrants to find jobs either due to the language barrier or because of their illegal alien status; therefore, they end up receiving countless government benefits, which end up being paid for by the common citizen in the form of taxes. Furthermore, some people see immigrants as gang members or even as guerrilla and cartel members who are used to lead a life of crime back at their countries of origin. In conclusion, people tend to discriminate against immigrants without taking the time to stop and think that we were all created equal! Another misconception commonly made by American individuals is the fact that they categorize all non-English native speakers or all Spanish speaking people as “Mexicans”. Usually Cubans, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and all “Spanish people” are called “Mexicans” just because of the fact that they speak Spanish as their primary language with complete ignorance that in the case of Puerto Ricans, they may be immigrants here in the United States of America but they are natural

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