Nicholas II: Nicholos II As Autocrat

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Nicholas II Nicholos II as Autocrat - What makes a greal leader? Vision Fair/just Education Authority Passionaite Paitience Confidence Ambitious Good judgement Inispirational Determined In your opinion, did nicholos and Alexandra have the qualities neccessary to rule successfully? The Controversial Tsar Nicholos II and his wife Alexandra did noy posses the qualities that were necessary to successfully lead because their priorities were else where. The Tsar and Tsrina faild to aplly the traits that would successfully rule an empire as large as Russia. Through the pperistence of Alexandra, Nicholas rules as an autocraft. He doubted himself immensly at the begining of his reign. However, he required strongly on his advisors and showed little interest in being the Tsar. Nicholas was extremly unprepared and reluctant, as Edward Crankshaw stated in 1976, Russia first prime minister count refferred to vas Nichoalas being very dismissal…show more content…
Explain how each level of the cartoon in source 3.5 provides criticism of the Tsar’s government. Why wasn’t it published in Russia? 2. How useful is this source to a historian studying working conditions at the turn of the 20th century? This source would be useful to a historian studying the living conditions at the trun of the 20th century. Document Five extract from a book entitled “Home life in Russia” by D.S. Rappoprt; It describes the living conditions of peasents. A group that source consumed almost 85% of the Russian society. Document six is taken from Russia, a book written by Donald Mackenzie Wallace accounting a day in the life of a nobelman. There is a clear comparision between peasent’s miserable living conditions to the idle comforts enjoyes by the small percentage of nobility. The description of peasents’s living conditions holds levels of consistancy from other source previously studied; such as accounts made by Father George Gapon and Joan
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