Nicaraguan Student Interview

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MY VERSION 1. To get around appointments, school, and work, we mostly use vehicules. Other people use buses and taxis. They have these 2x2 trucks that also works as taxis sometimes. 2. I don’t own my own vehicle, my grandparents take me everywhere. 3. Well I never taken the bus in Nicaragua, but I have seen them and my maids have commented that all type of people take them, and you have to be careful. Also that many men harasses women, with words but not like gross but like.. um piropos…when were on the road we can see that a main problem in Nicaragua is the driving, specially the busses. They stop whenever they see someone who wants even if it’s the middle of the road. 4. Many people drink coffee in Nicaragua, I wouldn’t say predominate but everyone has tried it at least twice. Especially because of the rich and yummy and just great coffee they grow there. 5. Well it’s pretty different in the schools over there. In my school you had art in elementary school, but what they do is they do competitions in the school, also they expect something artistic out of projects. 6. like what do you mean as electives 7. Some Nicaraguan customs are like having gallopinto all the time which is a mixture of rice and beans. They have marching bands of school celebrate the independence. Another date, we have a parade of horses and some floats called los hipicos, every city does it different dates. We also have mostly for catholic’s the 8th of dec. the celebration of the Virgen mary and what people do is go to different houses to sing to virgin mary and people well have some “gifts.” 8. I don’t know if ive heard it, like I would need to here in Spanish, like does it mean that we all eat a lot like on a occaision.. well I would have to get back on you with that one. 9. Some common nicaraguen sayings are: “ de tal pallo tal astilla”.. um..”jodido” umm yea I don’t really like

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