Hiphop Culture Creating Social Issues?

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Contrary to popular misconceptions about hip hop culture, it is not a culture that thrives solely on the glorification of gangs, drugs, and other criminal activity. In fact hip hop music focuses on the struggles the musician had to go through to get where they are, and the struggles they perceive coming in their future. The subgenre “rap” is the opposite of hip hop. Rap focuses on the violence, the money, the clout and the degradation of women and other negative aspects of life. While hip hop may mention violence in the songs the words mainly refer to violence the singer went through in their life. The media and public try to lay blame on the music industry for creating a world of violence, chaos, disobedience and drug addictions. When the reality of the issue is music does not have a very direct effect on the actions of the public. Hip hop has created a world of knowledge and understanding of what really goes on in the ghettos and the struggles that families go through everyday just to survive. For far too long the American mantra has been “Hip hop causes violence!” Presidential candidates, senators, even our current president has placed blame on hip hop for staining the moral fabric of our country. School shootings, domestic violence, children being lost in a world of drugs is all placed on the shoulders of hip hop musicians and their soul deep lyrics. Studies have shown that those prone to violence do listen to a heavier style of music than adult contemporary and light jazz, but their home life was lacking. Their parents were either already into drugs and drug dealing, they always witnessed violence in their home and surroundings and they were never guided down the right path. Their parents took little to no interest in them as they were seen as a “mistake” and most came from single parent homes. “Hip hop corrupting America’s youth!” newspaper

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