New Asylums Essay

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New Asylums Ever since the development of asylums in the U.S., the mentally ill have been housed in these hosipitals. However, due to a number of different reasons, such institutes have been closing down. The lack of these mental facilities in todays society has been a growing concern; such closures have lead to mentally unhealthy ending up in prisons instead. The documentary, New Asylums, aimed to shed some light onto the many concerns regarding this use of prisons to house mentally ill individuals. When the mental health facilities were shut down, police and prisons are left to deal with the mantally ill patients. As these patients were released from the hospitals, due to their lack of mental health, many would become homeless and eventually cycle into the prison systems. Once in the prisons, these mentally ill individuals are offered much less care than what many of them need in treating their different types of disorders. Group therapy in such prisons is very informal and conducted in an uptight environment. In these sessions the inmates are kept in chains and separated by jail cells in an open room, as opposed to a patient friendly atmosphere the psychiatric hospitals are able to provide. If the inmates in these prisons begin to display any disciplinary problems, they more often than not sent to segregation in a secluded part of the facility. Such alienation can be very detrimental in the continued treatment of their mental disorders. It is often the case where the mentally ill patients become so violent and a continued history of misconduct, to the point where the prison can no longer handle them; they will be transferred to the prison’s psychiatric hospital extension. It is in these facilities where the inmates are treated much more as patients rather than prisoners as was the case in the prisons. It is here where the patients are given the right
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