Neon Sign Ayn Rand Bird Analysis

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Anna Lacy AP Language and Composition; p6 Mrs. McFeely 22 March 2013 The Neon Sign A truly American Audience seeks literature that sparks the human- and specifically American- principles upon which the country was initially built. Ayn Rand is significant to an American Audience for this reason. She brings together the values of egoism, Capitalism, individualism, romantic realism and logic- the components of her philosophy, Objectivism, in her philosophically and metaphysically educational literary works. She enlightens, or reminds, the public about the means to achieve true and genuine happiness by reaching the best possible version of themselves. Rand is to be considered an American hero, thus extremely influential to any audience member she reaches, based on the practical American values she revives in her work. First and fore mostly she addresses Capitalism, which is the logical…show more content…
This first occurs with Lydia and Kira, two sisters moving back to Petrograd. Kira is described as a cold, calculating, self-motivated, strong, self-reliant atheist; whereas Lydia is a warm, feminine, caring, generous Christian. Rand immediately makes the distinction between the two types of people she wishes to display in the story, the two actual warring sides in the book with the differences running deeper than communist and imperialist. Kira’s character represents morally correct individuals who seek their own happiness and do not stoop to society’s low idea that self-sacrifice and martyrdom are morally correct. Lydia, on the other hand, exhibits a clear example of someone who will squash their talent and full potential as an individual to impress or obey a higher power. To clarify, belief in a higher power in Objectivism is seen as morally wrong because no being is placed above man, as man should be the highest individual because of his

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