Examples Of Decline In The Great Gatsby

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The American Decline The American dream is the notion that everyone has the freedom to achieve and advance. It is a promise of success in this country to the upmost respect if one sets their mind to something. The Great Gatsby successfully shows the condition of the American dream in the 1920's. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald's view of this is that the dream is withering. The novel clearly shows that this is true. Daisy Buchanan is a very important character in the novel. Gatsby adores her in every way and wants her to himself. According to Kevin Boon, "She is the object of Gatsby's love, the reason he has come to Long Island, and his primary motivation to becoming wealthy."(Boon 65) In other words, Daisy is Gatsby's American dream. He believes that in this country, if he sets his mind to something, he will successfully get what he wants. Boon adds, “He assumes by obtaining wealth he will suddenly belong to her world” (Boon 85). By becoming rich, he thinks he will win Daisy. Boon says, "Gatsby's fate reflects the status of the American Dream" (Boon 65). Boon feels that the book resembles “The decay of the American dream” (Boon 69). Because of his actions, he consequently ends up being shot. While driving in a car with Daisy, he runs over Myrtle Wilson. Her husband then murders Gatsby. Being murdered is Gatsby’s fate, and it shows that his dream cannot be accomplished. As hard as he tried, he could never accomplish his goal. He couldn't call Daisy his own and Tom stays with her. Gatsby tried as hard as he could. But in the end, he was unable to achieve the American…show more content…
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