The Light And Glory

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David Manuel and Peter Marshall wrote the book The Light and The Glory. Manuel and Marshall wrote this book to teach us that God’s plan always prevails, whether or not we attempt to follow it. The purpose of this book is to persuade readers that God has a plan for America. God revealed Himself to Christopher Columbus by not giving up on him as Columbus’ faith was tested. For example, during his first voyage, if the captains led the ships astray, God would create a storm or an incident to reroute them. God would do this because He knew His plan for America. This was also shown through the trials and adventures experienced by the Pilgrims, Puritans, and George Washington. Manuel and Marshall used reporting history and story telling to share with the readers the history of our country. Manuel and Marshall express imagery, tone, and appeal to the reader’s emotions. Story telling and reporting history are two techniques Manuel and Marshall used to achieve their purpose. The story telling is shown throughout the book. The authors reflected on explorers and important people in history. They described the journeys of these people, retelling their stories from a Christian perspective. Manuel and Marshall gathered historical facts on which to base their writings, primarily in the forms of documentation belonging to early Americans such as journals, letters, pictures, and important documents. This material provided direct quotes and factual histories. In The Light and The Glory, Manuel and Marshall appeal to the emotions of the audience when they describe the history of early America. This has made readers prideful and respectful towards America. Manuel and Marshall described stories about the founding fathers and heroes of America. As the authors share the stories the readers feel motivated and grasp a new perspective on American history. This book will make

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