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Neil Leifer and the Impact of Sports Photography It is known throughout photography, that it is tough to capture pictures in motion, Neil Leifer proved to be a master of this through his photography, and is arguably the best sports photographer of all time. Leifer used his photographs to display a couple of reoccurring themes over his years in sports photography. First, Leifer used his photography to display the strong bonds and friendships that are made on the field during sports. Leifer does a great job of expressing the closest relationships that are born from people helping each other. In contrast to that, it is also common to see people fighting people, in more of a dog-eat-dog depiction of the world’s citizens. Leifer excels in expressing the true desire for victory in the midst of battle in his sports photographs. Amongst all of the drive to win, and teamwork involved to win, there comes a clear-cut respect for the opponent. Leifer uses his pictures to depict this respect enemies have for each other. These three themes are seen in Leifer’s sports photography, and even though it may be portrayed through something as simple as sports and athletics, there is a bigger meaning. Leifer’s art makes a strong statement about who our civilization is. Neil Leifer has used his sports photography to represent the positive and negative relationships amongst the people of the modern United States society. Neil Leifer is a famous professional photographer, and arguably the greatest sports photographer of all time. He was born on December 28th, 1942, and still continues his sports work to this very day. From the young age of 12, Leifer found his passion for photography; and more specifically, documentary photography. In the lower East side of Manhattan, Leifer was influenced by a local photo workshop owner, Nelly Peissachowitz. Leifer found his excitement for

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