Needs Analysis for Sexual Harassment Training

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Needs Analysis for Sexual Harassment Training Introduction The purpose of the needs assessment for Sexual Harassment Training is to provide an organizational analysis to determine who needs the training and what training is needed. Training objectives should be clear and appropriate for the audience once the needs assessment is complete. The company that training will be provided for is a call center environment where employees interact with one another on a daily basis. The employee population is made up of men and women with diverse backgrounds. Target Audience This training is intended for Upper Management, Floor Supervisors, and Team Leaders. This course will enable these individuals to respond quickly and properly to situations that may involve improper conduct, unwelcome communication, and/or lewd behavior. This course will also provide these individuals with a basic understanding of what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior in the work place. Data Collection To determine the need of Sexual Harassment Training in the work place, disciplinary and compliant forms from the past 5 years were reviewed and data was complied based on the number of complaints and write-ups. Management level employees had an open round-table meeting where problems were identified and questions were asked and answered: * What is sexual harassment? * What is a sexually hostile work environment? * How do you tell if conduct is unwelcome? * Is it really sexual harassment? * How do you follow-up on a complaint and/or disciplinary action? Data Analysis What they should know/do – If there was not a need for sexual harassment training, the management staff would recognize and deal with issues appropriately; there would be ongoing communication between management and staff when issues arise; and there would be a clear cut definition for harassment

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