Nature vs Nurture

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At the time of the Nurture VS Nature debate, most people consider humans naturally behave the way they do or educationally behave how they do. Many investigations have already been put through to figure out which of the two it is. I belong to one of the many that considers a mix of both Nature and Nurture basics, depending on which specific topic it involves. Each Individual has more of one then the other, as DNA takes a huge role in this discussion. Nurture is where you grow up in; humans and other living species around the world control it. Being Geek would be natural, but wanting and developing from a geek to a tougher guy would be caused by nurture environment. Your body and mental health would most probably not change its DNA (controls your appearance and capability) naturally, but what’s around you and with you have the possibility to change your personality/characteristic in the future. Living with animals in your early life will make a difference of what you think about them and how you act when close by in the future, then never being close to any animals during your childhood. Another example of Nurture is when children grow up in their childhood, but don’t have the possibility to play with other children at his or her age, would possible take effects in later stages of the human development. These effects could be shyness, anti-social etc. Being the way you are takes teaching, which you mostly learn, from parents, schools and so on. The nurture stage usually takes place in the earlier stage of the Human, as it’s easier to learn when you’re younger. The nature, controls the way your appearance is, meaning how you look like through out your life. Nature also controls your gender type as is not possible to choose whether you’ll become a female or a male gender. Basically the Nature part of the Human body controls the basic’s of any human. Nature does

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