Nature and Purpose of Human Services Practice

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Nature and Purpose of Human Services Practice Armand Christian BSHS301 June 27, 2012 Christina Moore Nature and Purpose of Human Services Practice The purpose of Human Services has basically remained unchanged throughout the years, with its main goal of helping people who cannot help themselves. Those who choose this profession are committed to helping people who, for various reasons, have lost the ability to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. There are many different reasons for a person’s inability to provide these things for themselves. It is up to the Practitioner to understand the dynamics surrounding the person’s circumstances. By utilizing various techniques, the Practitioner can determine the cause of the deficiency. Once a genuine need is established, the Practitioner then provides the tools needed to assist the person in becoming self-sufficient while maintaining the person’s self-worth and dignity. Although the need for assistance and the act of providing it has been around since the beginning of humanity and can be traced back to the biblical times, the human services profession in its modern context can be traced back to at least the late 1800’s. The development of the modern welfare structure in the United States was influenced by the early English structure which extends as far back as the Middle Ages. During this time, feudalism prevailed and dictated how the different “classes” of people were treated. Although this system provided insurance against many of the social hazards of being poor, it solidified the notion that the rich were superior and that the poor were a necessary component of society. The poor provided a basis for which the rich could be measured. Throughout the years, the Feudal System, for which it became known as, eventually phased out due to various economic and environmental factors. Over the years,

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