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The Native American Indians lived here for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived to lay claim to of the land for themselves. The American Indian is defined by the indigenous people of the area that is known as the United States. The Native Americans lived here for thousands, even millions of years before the Europeans arrived to lay their claim on the land Because of the mass of the land and the vast differences in the environment, families, or clans joined together to form tribes. The leaders of the tribes were called Chiefs. Who would make the decisions when the tribal council would meet? Members of the tribal council were made up of important people from prominent families. By the time Christopher Columbus arrived by boat…show more content…
The men were expected to be great hunters and protectors of the tribe. Boys learned from a very young age that they were going to grow to be great defenders like their fathers. The elders made them compete as early as early 6 years old. They wrestled against each other and were forced into rugged games. This was how they trained for battled. Some tribes went so far as to only sleep on animal skins. They thought by sleeping in the skin of an animal, they would absorb the same wisdom and courage the animal may pocesse. According to the Natives, animals were thought to be the equal of humans. They only killed the animals for food, and out of respect for the animal, they would always seek permission from the animal’s spirit. This was called the Hunters Prayer. An example of a prayer would be “Deer, I am sorry to hurt you, but the people are…show more content…
They also worshiped many Gods, which led to the practice of many religious customs and rituals. The supreme God was the Sun because it was needed for crops to grow. So it’s no surprise the second runner up would be the Rain God, followed by the remaining elements. Most tribes also believed heavily on their dreams. They were thought to be revelations made by the Gods. Even though nature and elements were supreme, a Shaman, or medicine man was there as an important religious figure to turn

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