Native American Indian Culture

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Native American Culture We are working on a project onNative AmericanCulture. The indigenous Native Americans are indians that migrated from Siberia to North America more than 11,000 years ago. Aftter the migration they brought horses over from Siberia which then started to give the Native…show more content…
population. There are positives though, the indian symbol is now a part of national sport’s. Many Native’s Still take pride in their family traditions, they are still doing Music, Art, and ceremonies that took place many years ago. Art is a way they exspresed themselves over time.Most of the art was created as a symbol such as a bear, walrus, eagle, or people. Some materials they used for their artwork were rocks, feather, cloth, clay, and fabric. Music is one of the most important things in Native culture it is used for ceremonial purposes, recreation, exspression, and healing.There are many different instruments such as the drums, flute, and other percussion instruments. The most important music instrument was the voice. Now the tribes, they are the wolf, bear, beaver, heron, deer, turtle, and snipe. There were two groups put together, one group was the birds they had the Snipe, Deer, and Heron. The reason the deer is in that clan is because it stands for the kill deer, which is a bird. The other tribe was the Animal’s, they had the wolf, bear, beaver, and turtle. In marrige someone from the bird clan couldn’t marry someone that was in their clan such as the Deer, Heron, and Snipe. The Bird clan had to marry someone from the Animal

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