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Tiger Woods by Tyler Testino Eldrick Woods known as Tiger became a young prodigy at an early age, and was given a chance to proof himself worthy of his extraordinary talent. He was born in Cypress, California to Eldrick and Kultida Woods on December 30, 1975. When Eldrick turned 21 years old, he legally had his name changed to Tiger. Tiger’s dad placed a golf club in his hand at the age of 9 months old and took the time to develop his talent. From there on, Tiger took off on a journey to a professional career in golf. His father taught him how to handle responsibility, pressure, maintain composer and concentration during all his practices. While growing up, Tiger enjoyed being a normal kid too. He liked junk food and liked to play video games; but his love of golf was his top priority. When Tiger was 2 years old, he was on The Mike Douglas Show and putted against comedian Bob Hope. Tiger shot a score of 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Club in Cypress, California when he was only 3 years old. He was on the front covers of magazines like Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated and…show more content…
Tiger’s dad told him that he will be forever a part of American history as the first and youngest black professional golfer. The secret to his success was his mental toughness learned at an early age. With all of his winnings under his belt, he also won many awards such as Male Athlete of the Year, PGA Player of the Year three times, and Sports Illustrated named him twice Sportsman of the Year. This is just to name a few. Tiger is an inspiration and a great athlete to people of all backgrounds. He helped to do away with the racial attitudes in the sport of golf. He stood up for what he believe in and won the battle. He tells the young people that you must love what you do. Obey the rules, respect each other as individuals, have confidence and trust in yourself and you will

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