Native American Mascots

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Imagine yourself at a sporting event. You are enjoying the last bite of your foot-long hot dog, and waiting for the half time show to begin. Out comes the shoe-less, plaid shirted, ripped and dirty blue jean wearing mascot. His name is “Billy Bob-- the wildest hillbilly in the boondocks.” He goes running around, chugging fake moonshine and spitting tobacco. Being a native of Appalachia, you are extremely offended. However, your sister who attended the game with you thinks it is hilarious. The disagreement between these siblings from the same background can be compared to the discontent some people have concerning the use of Native American Mascots. In this essay I am going to lay out everyone’s opinions and beliefs on whether mascots should be named after Native Americans and their images be used at high school sporting events. A lot of people believe that it is very disrespectful towards the Native Americans pride and what they believe in to be using their names and images in such a way. But then again there are some people that feel that using the names of Native Americans and their images is very honorable and helps remind people of the fight that they had once went through. So in this essay we will at a look at everyone’s opinions and beliefs, and statistics and we will look at cases that have already went on about this issue and lastly we will look at currents schools going through this issue. In 2005 the NCAA took a stand for what they believed was right and what they thought the public wanted they banned the images or nicknames of Native Americans in post season tournaments they considered these nicknames and images to be “hostile” and “abusive”. Starting in February of 2008 Mascots will not be allowed to perform at halftime shows and the cheerleaders and band members would not be able to wear American Indians on their uniforms. One school in

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