Interview With Tiger Parker from My Louisiana Sky

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Interview with Tiger Parker 1. Interviewer: How do you about feel having mentally challenged parents, Tiger? Tiger: I feel weird, in a way, having mentally challenged parents, but I love and respect them. It’s difficult at times because I have to do almost everything for them, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change them for anyone else in the world. 2. Interviewer: How do the people in Saitter react towards your parents? Tiger: The people in Saitter don’t respect my parents because of their condition. They think my parents are just slow and stupid, and they usually just point and laugh.. 3. Interviewer: Do you feel angry when people make fun of your parents? Tiger: Yes, people that make fun of my parents anger me a lot. Most of the time, I just try to ignore the people because I know they are ignorant. 4. Interviewer: Tiger, how do the people in Saitter treat you? Tiger: The people in Saitter treat me very differently from others. Some people even choose to laugh at me, like Abby Lynn. 5. Interviewer: What feelings did you have when your grandma died? Why didn’t you cry at your grandma’s funeral? Tiger: When my grandma died, I was very depressed because I loved her dearly and she was gone forever. I was even more depressed because my mother was depressed too. The reason I didn’t cry at her funeral was because I wanted to be strong for my parents. 6. Interviewer: How did you feel when Aunt Dorie Kay asked you if you wanted to live in Baton Rouge with her? Tiger: When Aunt Dorie Kay asked me if I wanted to go to Baton Rouge, I felt shocked and surprised at first because I would have never expected her to ask me to go with her. 7. Interviewer: What do you think of moving to Baton Rouge? Tiger: I think moving to Baton Rouge would be a great experience. I would be able to start a new life, and leave the embarrassment back
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