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Look man all i need is just one reseach paper. This papers due in 24 hours, and its not like me to cheat; but i didnt study. This paper is 40 percent of my grade, so, if i recieve a good one my grade drops from a B down to D. So im asking for one favor.PLEASE HELP. When someone or thing gets this please ecept(my key in between Z and C is broken)this. I am now just going to fill the square with bizarre questions and answers from Bizarre: My girlfriend just told me there were bugs in my chocolate. True? A: Possibly! A chocolate bar contains at least 8 insect parts, as cacao beans r harvested using poor sanitation.Bizarre: How many people can hide inside of a tree? A: 2 people can hide inside of an African…show more content…
The buying & selling of products from an economical view concerning production, distribution, & usage.Never mind thats boring lets go to Recently asked questions,How big is the gas tank on a nascar?The Nascar cars have the following specifications: Fuel - 110 octane Engine Size - 358 Cubic Inches Cylinders - 8 Weight - 3,400 pounds Wheelbase - 110 inches Fuel Tank Size - 22 gallons. Can you describe the general location of the electrons in a covalent bond?A covalent bond is a chemical bond formed by the sharing of one or more electrons, especially pairs of electrons, between atoms. Ohh and by the way the theme is Weird science.What is a weird science fact?Animals can naturally explode: Natural animal explosions can occur for a variety of reasons. On 2004, a buildup of gas.What is a cool science fact?Science fact: Gallium is a metal which melts on palm of the hand, due to its low melting point (29.76 degrees C). Also if they dont have an answer to your question right away< they have guides that will search for it.In science "fact" can only mean "confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional consent. Science basically consists of laws and theories.

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