Discuss 5 Products That Come from Tropical Rain Forests

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1. 2. Discuss 5 products that come from tropical rain forests. a. Five products that come from tropical rain forest are food products, such as tropical fruits, e.g. papaya, or nuts, such as. Cacao,Brazil nut. a key ingredient in chocolate, is a common product from the rainforest. Some spices grow well in the rainforest, for example cinnamon and vanilla beans. Second products that we get from rainforest are plant. Many medicines are already obtained from plant parts, there are several that is unknown. For example, in Australia, scientists have discovered cancer-curing properties of plants in the tropical rainforests in the far north of the country. These have been used to be cured in some of the domestic animals, not are used on human and scientist researchers are still searching to cure human cancer too. Third product is latex. It is used in chewing gum, and also as a rubber product like car tires. Four products is trees, people who live in the rainforest build their homes out of trees, vines, and leaves and also trees are is habits for animals such as monkeys birds, lions, and tigers. Last product is bathroom stuff such Shower gels, Bath foam, Shampoo. These all contain some form of coconut derivative to help them lather 3. With clear examples, discuss 5 major causes of deforestation. b. Deforestation causes include many factors. The destruction of the forests is occurring due to various reasons. One cause is urban construction. Cutting down of trees for lumber that is used for building materials, such as furniture, and paper products have a major impact on forest life. Forests are cleared to accommodate expanding urban areas such as making roads and high ways. This results in loss of forest area. Second cause is grazing land, Forests are cut down in order to create land for grazing cattle. One major reason is that a lot of herds of

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