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The Sugar Glider The sugar glider, or more commonly known as the “Pocket Pet”, is normally described as a squirrel-like omnivore but has a more of a lemur-ish face. They are from Australia and have become popular pets worldwide because of how well they bond with humans. When born, they are as big as your thumb. When they are full grown they are 6 inches long with a tail that is literally 6 inches long. (So a foot in all). Not only that, they can actually fly or glide. (Which is how they got their name). With this technique, people train them to leap from objects and other people’s shoulder on command. In captivity, they must have 50% of their food insects and the rest fruits and vegetables everyday since they need all the protein they can get. They LOVE mealworms. Like lizards, they can get low on calcium so sometimes you sprinkle it on their food just in case for their vitamins. (: They are very social little guys and love to play. They need tall cages so they can climb while they can’t be out and about. They LOVE humans (They’re kind of like Chuckie). KT will be very bored this fall on the weekends and helping me build a cage (It’s not hard, we can do it. Just need wood and chicken wire stuff or something with smaller holes) It’ll be in my room and they’re easy to clean up after – if you know what I mean – since they’re small. Benefits of having a Sugar Glider: To have a sugar glider their must not be any cats or just one cat in the house. Since four of the cats will be outside, you’ll save A LOT of money on cat litter since I’ll just need 2 little scoops of it for my baby (IDK what to name it yet.) You will also save up on catfood since the cats will be eating rats also (Hey! No more rats!) but will be using those savings for the baby’s mealworms. . . . Of course, I will still take care of my kitty kitties (: and my other Baby,

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