My Tranquil Hide Away Essay

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MY TRANQUIL HIDE AWAY On a hot summer afternoon after all the regular daily activities, I decided to go to my regular little secret hide away in a farm behind my house where there was an enormous mango tree. One day while sitting there I watched as a short-lived whisk of wind sweep across the farm.  As it passed by where I sat, the wind scooped up an inactive pile of mango leaves that I scooped up next to me to lay on. As I watched on I saw were leaves appeared to come alive twisting, turning, and dancing about in the air.  They were soaring like a group of disturbed bee. The leaves seemed to be having a party.  As I watched the party ending, I remembered about the last time I visited this farm and sat under this same tree.  The memories of my last visit are vivid with relaxed and peaceful thoughts motivated by the images, scents, and sounds of the farm.   The beauty of the farm in the summer is unmatched to any other.  My memories contained many images of this special place.  Green mountains extend high above the sky; they are somewhat like the backdrop of the farm.  Yam vine and banana trees dotted the base of the mountain becoming more abundant near the little spring.  The spring ran through the middle of the farm and serves the purpose of an irrigation system. This therefore allowed the farm to maintain its lush green look through the entire summer. This farm is the only farm in the entire community with this look during the summer. Out of all the beauty that was bested on that from my favorite spot was under the enormous mango tree as it provides, with its huge sagging arms, shade from the forceful rays of the sun on the hot summer days. However I also like to venture out to the spring that runs through the farm. I love to feel the cool water on my feet and watch the fishes rushing to escape

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