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Wolfe 1 Noel Wolfe J. McNamara ENGL 1001 4 September 2012 Emerald Green Waters: Years at the River Up the winding road to the tributaries of the south fork of the pristine Sacramento River, are the sparkling diamond and emerald pools of water that bring me much delight and gratitude. Here at my serene river domain I found my sanctuary, my heart, and my strength. An inviting backyard home in the enchanted woods surrounding Mount Shasta, always there for me and my children. Along the bumpy, dusty dirt path my two boys and I drive along the road to come and park right next to the bustling river. The very lowest pool of my favorite stretch of river is the largest of many along the…show more content…
I came here from the downtown neighborhood of Sacramento, California. Although midtown is loaded with trees of all kinds, an urban forest really, it is nothing compared to the majesty of my backyard forest here in Shasta. I found myself in these woods, my spirit activated deeply and found its purpose. I discovered my children and who they were then, and who they still now are becoming. For 12 years the three of us have immersed ourselves in the river together. Plunging in, swimming down, enjoying every bead of water covering us. Walking among the trees, dancing, playing, letting music wash over us just as the water does. It is the river, the woods and all of these fine details and engaging stories in my memory that have shaped my life and my heart. As a woman, as a mother and as a tribal, galactic human…show more content…
W. Meinig says in his essay The Beholding Eye: Ten Versions of the Same Scene, “And man himself in so many ways, in diet and dress, emblems and rituals, in his everyday work and play, reveals his adaptations, often subtly and unconsciously, to nature (2). I too agree with this insight into the human experience and the beauty of our organic selves. Real and divine in our own right. This I have learned and this I have taught my kids. Mind and heart open. Commune in the forest, bathe your soul in the waters of the river, protect gnomes, soar with the birds and sylphs. These are all pieces of me that I have found in my years at the

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