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English 9A: Growing Up: Family Narrative Mia Ippoliti My Family Narrative Last year my family and I took a spring break vacation to the beautiful state of Washington. Originally we had wanted to visit the Olympic Peninsula because of our love for the Twilight Saga book series but after researching on-line we realized that there was lots to see besides the infamous small city of Forks. We planned to visit the only rain forest in the United States as well as several wild nature beaches where we would spend low tide hours exploring the sea life inside of tide pools. We also planned to stay a few nights at two different Native American reservations on the west coast right on the Pacific Ocean! We named the trip "Our Wild Northwest Adventure." I couldn't wait to get there! We landed at Sea-Tac airport after a long 6 hour flight from Philadelphia and just as we expected, it was raining. We spent the night in a hotel in Seattle and got on the road in our rental car the next morning by 7am. During the drive to our first stop I saw many beautiful sites; mountains, lakes, rivers, forests... the nature was truly amazing! We even saw black tail deer and elk roaming right along side of the road. Our first stop was the city of Aberdeen but we only visited Gray's Harbor for an hour to stretch our legs and see if we could spot any gray whales but we didn't see any. Our next stop was beautiful Ruby Beach in the town of Kalaloch. You have to walk a trail through the forest to get to the beach and we enjoyed it so much! It was like no beach I have ever seen before. The forest just goes right up to the ocean there. It was incredible! There were huge driftwood logs everywhere and instead of sand, the beach was made up entirely of pebbles and tiny rocks of many colors. It was the first time we saw

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