Oso de Oro Park

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Oso De Oro Park is located on NW Barstow and Forkner. Visitors will be greeted by a Margaret Hudson California Grizzly Bear sculpture at the park entrance. A plaque next to the gate reads SLOAN JOHNSON OSO DE ORO LAKE PARK, June 1995. The park is about nine acres and its features include: Full time park attendant, picnic pavilions, two main play structures, wheelchair accessible basketball court, raised grass area, one lake and a few docks. “Because the park is an excavated storm water retention basin, its features are arrayed at three different elevations.” The upper street level tier provides picnic as well as little and big kids play area. The middle tier has wide sloped walkways and a huge playing field for the public to run and toss a Frisbee, playing football or soccer. The last tier was a fenced lake with three docks. In the center of the lake, there’s a small island and a large widowed tree. This was a very pleasant park, considering this side of town in Fresno. Walking to the park, you can hear dozens of birds chirping, a few parents talking to their children on the play structure and yard workers trimming trees and bushes across the street. When a gust of wind past by, the lemon scent filled the air. Looking over to see where the lemons were coming from, there, to the right of the entrance, the picnic tables were getting wiped down by a gentleman with a Clorox wipe. Ahead there are three, three foot animals. There was a horse, dog, and a cat. Standing there, the figures were motionless. The children were on the bigger structure next to the statue animals, hearing tiny feet running up and down the aisle. Sounds of young kids chatting to one another as their parents stood a couple feet away, gossiping about Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner. While the children play, shadows of the play structure slowly moves. Looking down at my phone to check

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