My Sister's Keeper

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Journal: My Sister’s Keeper Sara: (260-271) This chapter of Sara in 2001 constantly hits on the theme of “saving”. In my mind the entire novel centers on simple sacrifice of different members of the family. Both Brian and Sara marvel at Anna’s skills as a hockey goalie, and when Brian says, “She’s got natural talent as a goalie”, Sara replies “Anna saves, every time” (263). I looked deeper into this quotation and realized that Sara is not simply talking about Anna’s skill in a sport, but rather in life. She has spent her life “saving” Kate, and Picoult shows this through a clever quotation. Later that night after the hockey game, Kate suddenly woke up to blood streaming out of her nose, eyes and rectum. When Brian and Sara were informed by the doctor that administering poison therapy would prolong Kate’s life, but not save it, Sara broke down. She called her older sister, Suzanne, unable to speak and begged her to come to the hospital. Picoult continues on this theme of “saving” by using Suzanne as Sara’s crutch, as she makes her coffee each morning and informs her of any missed phone calls. While in the hospital, Sara receives a call from Jesse’s principal informing her of Jesse’s suspension. On the car ride home she notices a bruise on his arm from a needle and assumes he has been using drugs. Jesse angrily explains how he has been donating blood that gave Kate platelets behind the family’s back, in order to “save” his sister. After two weeks in the hospital, Kate developed an infection that placed her in a coma on a respirator, which is “saving” her for the time being. Another part of this chapter that I found extremely interesting was the reaction of Anna when, after much argument about hockey camp, Sara said, “Anna, don’t make me do this” (269). Anna hotly responds, “Do what, Mom? I don’t make you do anything,” (269) hinting on how, throughout her

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