My oedipus COmplex- Frank O'Cornor

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Deconstruction of "My Oedipus Complex" When readers decipher a text from a deconstructional point of view, they must base their theories on already established ideologies about life, which are witnessed throughout the text. A deconstructor should believe that a text could have multiple significant happenings that might possibly change when the text is read numerous times. When reading "My Oedipus Complex" there are many ideologies and significant meanings that seem to influence a person's interpretation as the story is read over again. By reading this story, it is quite possible to conjure several binary oppositions that help circumscribe the intended or even latent meanings of the text. It seems only possible to deconstruct this story with the Freudian ideology (Oedipus Complex) in mind in comparison to the normal ideologies of raising a family. Because the actual derivation of the Oedipus complex came from Sigmund Freud's sexually analytical mind, the story contains an abundance of latent meanings towards sex. The first binary opposition can be defined as man versus woman. It is a known ideology throughout all societies that a sexually unified procreating couple can only be a male and a female. Due to this fact, Freud invented his theory (ignoring age and lineage for now) on the lust of a male for a female. The unnamed parents in this story seemed to have an ongoing battle about their indifferences with their own child. The mother appears to have her motherly instinct towards Larry and she seems to know his feelings and desires and automatically sympathizes for him. On the contrary, the uninvolved father sees Larry as nothing else but a pestering nuisance. In addition, the father does not understand the close bond that Larry has established with his mother. Because his father forces distance between Larry and himself, Larry does not want to establish a
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