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My Future Invention Sample Essay

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Volta was born in Como, a town in present-day northern Italy (near the Swiss border) on February 18, 1745. In 1774, he became a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. A year later, he improved and popularized the electrophorus, a device that produced static electricity. His promotion of it was so extensive that he is often credited with its invention, even though a machine operating on the same principle was described in 1762 by the Swedish experimenter Johan Wilcke.[3][4]
In the years between 1776–78, Volta studied the chemistry of gases. He discovered methane after reading a paper by Benjamin Franklin of Americaon "flammable air", and Volta searched for it carefully in Italy. In November, 1776, he found methane at Lake Maggiore,[5] and by 1778 he managed to isolate methane.[6] He devised experiments such as the ignition of methane by an electric spark in a closed vessel. Volta also studied what we now call electrical capacitance, developing separate means to study both electrical potential (V ) and charge (Q ), and discovering that for a given object, they are proportional. This may be called Volta's Law of capacitance, and it is likely that for this work the unit of electrical potential has been named the volt.
Arturo Alcaraz started his professional career as an aide in the geology division of the Bureau of Mines. He then applied for a government scholarship which eventually qualified him to study in the United States when the Philippines was still a commonwealth under U.S. sovereignty. He entered the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a Master of Science degree in Geology. When he returned to the Philippines, he rejoined the bureau and was hired as assistant geologist to Busuanga Island, the northernmost islet off Palawan. In May 1942, he became Chief Geophysicist of the Philippine Weather Bureau.
When Alcaraz temporarily left his government job during the liberation of Manila in 1945, he volunteered for a few months as a civilian...

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