How Did Samuel Morse Influence The Industrial Revolution

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Samuel Morse invented many machines. There were two important ones that I want to share with you; they are the Telegraph machine and the Morse code. Samuel also created many paintings for many popular people. The Industrial Revolution enabled Samuel Morse to be a great inventor because there was a change in demographics in the U.S.A., advances in technology allowing for new inventions, and the development of a modern military. In 1825, Morse was commissioned by the city of New York to paint a portrait of the Marquis De Lafayette in Washington for $1000. While painting, a message was delivered by a horse messenger that said that his wife was sick. By the time he arrived, she had already died and been buried. He was heartbroken to learn that he did not know about the failing health of his wife and was not there for her during her lonely death. He then decided to end painting in order to begin finding a way to improve long distance communication. This invention would eventually highly influence the Industrial Revolution in America. (art) In 1832, he met Charles Thomas Jackson who knew about electromagnetism. Morse developed the concept of a telegraph with a single wire. The original telegraph by Morse was submitted with his application for a patent is now at the National Museum of American History at…show more content…
Samuel Morse had many inventions and they are still impact us to this day. The telegraph invention helped us to invent phones that we have today. People seem to forget who helped us get to where we are. Humans take way too much for granted. We forget what happened a long, long time ago; for example slavery or war. There were many advantages and disadvantages of the Industrial Revolution, which makes me think that we may be still in the Industrial Revolution. I think we just keep calling it something else. Many people may argue different but that is my opinion about the Industrial
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