Museum Reaction Essay

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CSI Museum Reaction Paper Visiting the “CSI:The Experience” exhibit at the Discovery Times Square was a learning experience for me. After going to the museum and going through the experience, I realized that going was actually advantageous. The fact that I experienced it and took my time while there proved to be beneficial because I learned a couple of things that I had not previously known. Originally I had planned on just going in and out as quickly as possible while still completing the program. However, when I got in the museum and started the exhibition, I actually got interested in the case I was given to solve; and I began taking notes. One of the main things I enjoyed about the experience was the fact that it is not like an ordinary museum tour. I expected to just go to a museum and be led by a tour guide through different exhibits containing evidence or pictures of crime scenes. Instead, each person is given a case along with a crime scene from which they have to collect evidence. I found this beneficial because it allowed me to really look for more detail in the crime scene than I would if I was just listening to some guy tell me about it. I found that the forensic scientists that investigate a crime scene take everything possible into account. For example, in the case I was investigating, the man in the driver’s seat who had crashed into the living room had fibers in his head that matched up with the couch fibers. I would’ve just thought that it was from the seat of the car and not considered it to be significant but it turned out to be a very important clue to solving the case. While conducting my investigation I also learned something about blood evidence that I had not previously known. Originally I thought that if blood was found at a crime scene it was just taken and tested for DNA. I thought that all blood was blood and it didn’t matter
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