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<BR>The museum that I visited was the J. P. Getty. This museum as a whole is incredible. However, the photography exhibit did catch my eye. The first time that I went to the Getty, the Andy Warhol exhibit was up and I had a great dislike for his work. On the other hand, the exhibit by William Eggleston was awesome. His work on color photography was fantastic. One particular picture group in-titled, "Memphis" was extremely well done. There was a picture of a grill that was on fire, and words cannot describe the picture. The colors that were exhibited from this picture made my eyes fall in love with the work. I gazed at the grill and its flames for the longest time, until my date grabbed me and pointed me to some other works. One thing that intrigued me with this photo is the content and idea. The picture was just a grill the point of view was as if you were standing in front of the grill, the only thing that he did was to find that perfect second to snap the picture. To some people this is just a grill, to others it is a symbolic meaning of life's ambitions, and it has endless amount of meanings. That is what makes this picture so great, the abyss of thoughts on this one picture leads to a conversation on this one piece and that is what I believe art is all about, if you look at…show more content…
His Zuma series was really, strange. He took the same picture but at different times of the day and each one told a different story. This inspired me and I made an attempt to do this on my final. These pictures of I believe Zuma beach, were very intriguing. I am not to sure about his ideas, but I feel that he is trying to make the viewer part of this picture, and he made me feel as though I was in this room looking out over the ocean and the ruins of this room. It was printed very large almost an 11 by 14, or maybe larger. This allowed I think for the viewer to be a part of this

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